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The Teen Titans don't steal graphics..

so why do you?

Teen Titans Graphic Theft
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Welcome to teentitan_theft, a community dedicated to stopping the theft of icons from the animated series, Teen Titans and it's comic counterpart, Teen Titans Go!. Due to the recent overflow of reports at our sister community, titan_graphics, this community exists to be a catch-all of theft-related posts.

01. Treat everyone here with respect, even theives. Comments and or/e-mails are to be civilized and polite.
Here's an example of a good message:
Hello, I'm with the teentitan_theft community on LiveJournal, and I noticed that you have some icons on your guild/petpage/shop/whatever that were made by some of our members. Could you either credit the makers of the icons or take them down? Thank you!
02. If a thief refuses to take off the stolen icons, please report them to the webservice they are using, ie Neopets, LiveJournal, GreatestJournal, etc. Most hosts will freeze said account if stolen material is on it.
03. Know the difference between someone who is not crediting and someone who is claiming to have made icons. The latter should be dealt with more sternly.
04. Please don't double-post a report of a thief for the same offence. Only post again if said person steals more icons or creates a new account.
05. Do not argue with the mods. You will not win.
06. Do not post with "MOD POST: [whatever else you say here] unless you are a mod. This is to avoid confusion.
07. All rules are to be followed, or expulsion from this community is certain.

donatello, Creator and head moderator
imagined_away and kryptocow, Assistant moderators